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How to integrate liferay into facebook using facebook apps without going bald #

Find desired Liferay portlet

Click the spanner icon

Click configure

Click the sharing tab in the top menu

Click the facebook tab in the second from top menu

Click the link the says "Get the API key and canvas page URL from Facebook. (Opens New Window)" This takes you to facebook in another window

In Facebook, name your application and agree to the terms.

Click Create Application

In the Edit "Apllication name" dialogue box

click the Web Site tab

In Site URL input: http://visionon.tv/ (the / at the end is important)

In Site Domain: visionon.tv

Click Save Changes

A my apps dialogue appears with your new app selected on the left column

Copy the API Key from your new apps dialogue box on the facebook page into the API key box in the Portals sharing dialogue box on the visionon.tv page

Go back to the facebook window and click Edit Settings in your new apps dialogue box - its on the right

Click the facebook Integration Tab down the left

In Canvas Page input visionontv-{yournewappname}

copy to clipboard

Go back to the visionontv window

In the Canvas Page URL box paste your: visionontv-{yournewappname}

Click save

Copy the Callback URL

Go back to the Facebook window

Paste the callback URL into the Canvas URL box

Go back to the Visionontv window

By the second lightbulb where it says "Copy the callback URL and specify it in Facebook" check whether the portlet should be exposed as fmbl or iframe

Click save

Go back to the facebook window where it says canvas type select the appropriate iframe or fbml dialogue

Click save

Click Application Profile page

Click go to this app

Look at your new FB app

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