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Alternative notes for internship

Some thoughts on interns

Marc: i'd like to make some change to that: 5 months internship and insist on the journalistic angle
Richard Hering: yes maybe we want geeks, not journalists at all? students off computer science courses....
problem with journalist interns is they dont learn much at college, so they need to be trained for something which is currently peripheral to our project
With journalists we need self-starters like Cristian and Glenn

People come out of computer science courses with knowledge on the other hand, and what they need is MANAGING in order to do something useful
Marc: well we have to believe there will be self-starter people in the batch of people applying for the internship, specially if they're handpicked by Maxine.
Richard Hering: but what do we need journalists for? (just following a train of thought here)
Marc: well events/studioshow/socialmedia/Pr...

Richard Hering: PR we need - but not from journalism graduates
All i'm saying is i havent got any time to show anyone how to use Adobe Premiere, and nor have you.
Marc: sure, again we need to write an intership per task needed, then we'll filter through choice of CV and interviews
Richard Hering: video production should come out of separately-funded citizen journalism training, feeding into Street Reporters Networks
Studio show personnel should come through a short training course (as Cristian did - he was on our CJ course last year) or by "soft-organising", scooping people up for an event, and then seeing who's any good
i just don't want to have to deal with frustrated journjalists for 5 months!
social media is a branch of PR
we need people speicalising in that who understand how to make something viral - PR specialists, rather than journalists reluctantly doing it as a by-product of their main production thing

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