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Welcome to the Open Media Network

The OMN is the future of the internet. It's also how the internet used to be. 

It's a decentralized peer-to-peer network, where every user is sovereign and not the prisoner of a huge corporation.

It gives you your own space within an aggregated open internet. It's a human-moderated discovery engine.

Publish once and appear on many other relevant sites.

Avoid the facebook algorithms which stop your content from being seen.

Try our current working projects:

  • The newsflash: share your news with other relevant sites, and receive theirs! Click the link to find out how.
  • The Open Media Network linking co-op: share your site with others. Embed it now!

To develop this, we need some programmers.  Please contact info (AT) visionon (DOT) tv, or Hamish on 07931165452.

For the project to work we have toencourage people to return to there blogs and websites as aposed tofacebook. 

- is this possible?


  • why not just use FB as everyone is already on it?
  • why use old tools like forums andwikies, blogs etc when the are much better dotcom tools available forfree?
  • why trust you guys?
  • “this” project s better – Ihave a better idea/way of doing this.

Working examples of the network

  • Thenewsflash! Is a perfect example of a OMN project that is resent. (topcorner http://visionon.tv)

Both have been static because therevalue is not understood? Why? 

If we decentralise this anufe then it should scale. Feeds (RSS) areused as a database metadata (and data backup/redundancy) exchangeformat. They are rated as well as media items, sources (websites,people) are also rated.

Spam is defeated by trust. It has to have a trusted way into the network.

Scaling is specializing aggregation.

By using a frountpage sidebar andsubject pages every site becomes an aggregater of its subject. Thatis sites are both production AND distribution channales.

Why should people get involved?

  • We need a FB app and twitterintegration
  • Being an influencer
  • Having a voice
  • Publish ones – appear many times
  • Escape from the limits of facebookpage algorithms.
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