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31 January 2012

To visionOntv: process for ending reboot - to plan
To theARCproject: Marc to publish on wiki the accreditiation stuff
Marc to publish the accreditiation stuff on wiki
To visionOntv: Need: process to end the reboot
To visionOntv: fantastic about Barry Cranford
To visionOntv: me too!
To visionOntv: so remove two!
To visionOntv: any news from richard dyer?
To visionOntv: put tasks on google calendar
and Netowrk for Social Change
yes please - meeting for funding
weds is fine
schedule a time to think about reboot (note to self)
in next 2 days
R to look at feasibility of migrating calendar task list to liferay
now on wiki page http://visionon.tv/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Rentacoder%20specs
theARCproject entered channel.
Hi guyz. Was wondering if VisionOn got any footage of the London BoI eviction last night?
theARCproject: ty
Chat: landing page on livestream needed
Chat: to clatify our livestreaming policy - to give less hassle
Chat: sorry i keep jumping around!
Chat: cool meeting over
Chat: wednesday at 11
Chat: we all need proposals
hamish moved to London Livestream.

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