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22th February Show

3 possible shows: - Wiler / comments - Diaz - Geek Culture

Winer and comments


- wants to limit the comments - talk with Disqus - can't find solution so remove commenting

Opportunity for a commenting system (Dec 14th 2011) - Wants to limit comments to 640 characters, and one link A bit more than a tweet, so you can express an idea fully, and a nudge, if you need more than a paragraph, you should be writing it on your blog not mine. After a certain size, you're not commenting anymore. You're writing a new blog post.

- more features: limit the rate at which new comments appear. Or a way to say "hold all comments until this time and then publish them all, and shut down comments." Would help keep people focused on the issue in the post instead of devolving into pointless permathreads and debates in the comments. http://scripting.com/stories/2011/12/14/opportunityForACommentingS.html

No comment (Feb 19th): Turns off the commenting functionality

Even sometimes they add value they're not worth the trouble. He might want in the future to solicit input from readers but will find another way than comments. http://scripting.com/stories/2012/02/19/noComment.html

What is Relative Writing? (Feb 21st):

We could either try to fix the problems with the existing comment system, or we could revisit the whole idea of relative writing. Since he can't change Disqus and doesn't have interest in trying to fix commenting software, he's now focusing on relative writing, which is writing about someone else's writing. http://scripting.com/stories/2012/02/21/whatIsRelativeWriting.html

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