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16th April 2013



  • up in the air

sites - .tv and .org

  • hamish to contine outlineing the sites richard to put aside 3 days to do the text

linking (we have new images - needs to be rolled out)

funding – moving forwarded (has images)

  • deadline for friday for funding apps then googal hange out for the desion meeting - hamish will invite everyone intresting.

newsflash (images done need adding)

  • wright up workflow for richard and tabbitha

video embeds

  • are activly being rolled out, need to chase corpurtewatch embed and test RSS coress linking between miro sites for this tag.

flat – what room – new/sublet/you

looking at kent and room options.

Israel – publicity

  • going ahead in auterm it is an action to hang OMN and visionontv publiserty off so both have to be in place for this to be usefull.

new template

  • get hoon to do a new template 1.5 as milda has done the images and we have the text. Offer £200 for this and miner update to template 1
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