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13th July meeting

Core crew meeting 13th July#

Funding situation

  • We applied for a few funding and grants.
  • Awards for all (less than a month)
  • Innovation fund (mid-august for 1st step)
  • Bid for funding with Global21 (probably end September)
  • Next application: https://www.accessnow.org/prize deadline 15th August

Hyperlocal funding

  • Hackney Estate training (1st September)
  • The idea is also to have a package ready for organisations and existing structures who don't know how to get funding and organise a joint application.


  • Meeting D on the 17th to look at budget:
  • check where the money from expenses comes from and where to find money for SoC/visionOntv expenses after October
  • discussed the possibility to stop wages one month before end of wages budget. No consensus.

Spring of Code

  • For now it's running with at very low cost (£10 printing + £30 drinks a month). We need a tagline to help define what is it about.

SoC East

  • Hamish is going to visit Unis in Brastislava and contact professors and lecturors to talk to them about the Spring of Code project. Goal is a 1st contact to roll out the dev of tools in a year from now.
  • Our citizen journalism project is based on same principle (tour of Unis) so this trip should target also Journalism depts.
  • Contact LR groups in Slovikia and Czechia, create a LR europ user type and have a Skype meeting to launch community.
  • Timeframe: end of summer

Kickstarter campaign

  • The idea is to get 10 years of server for visionOntv and sites that follow open web standards.
  • Since Open Rights Group ask for our help for their own campaign we should partner with them on this project. Also get a Plug&Play embed there.
  • Get hosted on a network (not ours), save your data.
  • Criteria: open industrial standards – creative commons – open source / data (H to give detailed list)
  • Show some dead links and projects to demonstrate the issue (e.g: Occupy sites).
  • Avoiding death of data: “don't kill my data!” “suck my data”

What kind of reward?

  • Premium blog on network, server named after you, invite to event or screening, invite to dinner with crew. > look at other sites reward for ideas
  • Currency: for now we're using time (10 years of server) but what if we use data as currency?

Patrick's preparation for French node

  • Training to get him more familiar with LR
  • Finish his site with help of Marc and Takako

Outreach App

  • Meaning we need to have something to show for outreach purposed. For now we have pictures of geeks in front of laptops, text and specs but nothing “sexy”. We need a working prototype of some projects or alternatively develop an app... Have a brainstorm about this soon.


  • Marc and Patrick organised a workshop with Transition Town Tooting 2 weeks ago. 5 participants. Films are on their Youtube account and they continue doing reports.
  • In September they'll report on 1 of their events + big transition conference coming. Need to talk with Patrick to try to organise something bigger there.
  • Received £35 to put in donation box.


Marc is organising on the 21st a workshop at HRAC for Amnesty volunteers.


Marc and Richard are co-hosting with them a meeting at C4CC on the 30th July. More collaboration with them during the Global Summit where we're going to have a workshop and speak at a panel.

site maintenance

Phil to take charge of server update. We need a GUI for next installation. Schedule a few days for re-installation.


  • Hamish will be away for a month starting 16th July
  • Marc will be away for a week from 23rd to 31st August

To do #


  • SoC tagline
  • Set up meeting with Dan McQuillan
  • Record exemplar template 1

Richard & Marc

  • Meeting next week about Booklet timetable
  • Meeting D on Tuesday for budget


  • FB: Hook for Becca
  • Contact: Pete the temp and Squat for Lush


  • Send Hamish LR groups contacts
  • Contact Jim ORG for meeting
  • Schedule meeting with Patrick
  • Follow up Transition
  • Follow up Francis for Global Summit
  • Contact Melanie for Youth Summit


  • Contact LR groups in Slovikia and Czechia, create a LR europ user type and have a Skype meeting to launch community.
  • Budget with Imma before Monday
  • Open web standards description for Kickstarter server campaign
  • Do follow up from last trip with professors and students
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